Polina – Culture Jamming


First things first

Inspiration from the movie fight club …. The influence of brands … She wants to form her own opinion on social activism and understand her position as a designer. Feeling guilty of supporting non culture jammer ideology.

Inconsistency within culture jamming

Movements/flash mobs

She wants to understand history of culture jamming and what is culture.


Maria – Pose – me myself and I am I who I am in photographs of myself


Me myself and I who I am in photographs

She’s chosen the subject because she is astoundingly amazing at fashion photography!

She is going to answer the question Through different situations of life, exploring through conversations with her friends why they may or may not like their passport photos.

She hopes to gain an inner reflection of herself and to put herself into a different perspective of another which I personally thing is a great skill !

Forensic artists
Selfie driven models

Mandy – Typography and Communication


She chose the topic due to a passion of labour due to criticisms of previous work although the Crit was negative at the time she took it in a positive way and through her passion of design has wanted to extend her knowledge and skill.

Through the observation of advertisement, article analysis and research on physchology she wants to be able to create her essay.

She hopes to improve the use of top and help her push her artwork in more flexible forms.

Internet sources
Conversations to gather opinions

She hopes to complete the essay before the 21st of may.

Jaya – Fashion Persuation


Fashion persuasion

Where does fashion taste come from ?

The cultural shock that was received by her when she came here was really insightful
Exploration of self identities.

From her strict culture to being able to move to the UK to study has really opened her eyes as a designer.

Speaking to people with notable fashion sense
Speakers and thinkers
Physchology of fashion

Hoping to gain inspiration of different colour palette and prints also shaping different styles and create ideas in her mind.

Personally I love her chosen topic as I feel it really will help open her eyes and expand her creativity because culturally there is a major differences between her own inner sanctum but because of how great of a person she is she is able to move away from the conventions she may be accustomed to and break boundaries which will make in my view a really exciting piece of literature.

Daria – Un-Creative writing


Un-creative writing

She choose the topic for the fluency of fun that can derive from the subject topic.
Marcel Dechump – Re assigning an object to a new meaning … Explaining that we can change the form of which a design can be used for.

Personal motivation of the unusualness and insightful searching to the topic is what inspired her towards the topic


Online sources

She will do her own 600 creative words

She hopes to gain more design inspiration and exciting new

developments in her techniques and thinking of design as a whole.

Also she wants to expand her literature…

Who – Dada poetry – Alt Lit – The Yolo pages …..

My personal opinion on her topic is that as a designer she can create beautiful astounding artwork from her un-creative literature piece… I hope her work is able to give us a deeper insight to her as a designer and really pushes her out of her comfort zone to really show an inner reflection of herself.

Berrun – Culture Jamming


Chosen the topic because she finds it quite interesting. To learn more about it.

How – understanding the movement reading and research

What – different ideas and views on design that maybe she didn’t know before and also help mould ideas into what sort of work she might like to peruse.

Agree’d with the messages within the culture jamming posters, really loved the positive and thought provoking stance in which culture jamming takes.

Where – the library Internet and try and find people who maybe have in depth knowledge on the movement.

When – hopefully finish in the next two weeks

Personally I think it’s a great topic for her to what to delve into because as a person she is positively strong opinionated which makes her views and art that much more interesting because you can see the passion and intent towards her work. The only downfall of her doing this topic is that it may just be too comfortable for her but if she manages to move away from the obvious and already talked about subjects on the topic and invite new ideologies and theories it will form for a great essay.

Anastaija <— might of spelt name wrong / Pose

Interested from the lecture … Pictures project something else
Want to talk more to people who take pictures, why we have to pose for pictures, the criticisms given to unclear photography

Lecture notes
Web sources

Roland Barthes – her friend read it and she has a completely different perspective towards what he thought.

Susan Sontag – how photography identifies us and the truth. Is there a visual code ?

More inspired by the photographer who believed we don’t present our selfs like we present our selves in pictures …
The argument of the discussion of the case being dismissed because the people didn’t want their photograph to be taken.

How this will help her… Expanding knowledge

Primary research – photography friends / models / gallery’s

What I found interesting was her connection in her primary research of following her photography friends and models I think this could make for a great piece of writing and really help establish thoughts and ideas to help build a really solid conclusion. Me myself being a photographer I am slowly starting to understand the difference between what is seen as a good picture and why our real self’s don’t show through the camera as much as maybe it should.